Great Tips For Organizing Your Storage Garage

Storage Garage space is commonplace for this purpose. The challenge with this is that often all of this becomes untidy and the place can soon become one big mess. With a bit of care and attention this need not be the case.

Before you do anything, you need to determine what needs to be stored. This can be done by first seeing what you need and what can be discarded. Do not throw everything away; there may be things that can be sold via a garage sale. This will give you money to buy items for the garage that you can use to make your garage look neater.

One way to go is to install cabinets in this room. Some of the items will be stored in the cabinets and other stuff will be placed elsewhere. Once you have decided upon this, you can make choices about the size of the cabinets. These cabinets can be obtained in plastic, wood or metal. They may also be mounted on the wall or be freestanding. If you have pesticides and chemicals then you would need lock up cabinets to keep these out of harms way.

Shelves are a nice addition to the cabinets. They can be home made for very cheap using plywood. Alternatively, pre-made metal or shelves can be used. The ceiling is a great place to contain items as well. Camping equipment and Christmas decorations can be kept here.

Using this space frees up the floor space for other items. Many items can be kept out of view if placed here. Plastic bins can be used to contain items and then placed in the rafters.

You can easily increase your Storage Garage space with a little eff

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Remove the Slime in 2009 – Stone Brick Cleaning

One of the toughest jobs in pressure washing is removing algae and slime from brick, as one false move with the pressure tip and you can dig a hole and ruin the brick. It is especially difficult to clean old buildings and walls, but it can be done and come out great if the right techniques are used. So, let me explain to you the methods recommended for this.

You see, for many years, I ran a company that franchised mobile cleaning units, and amongst other things we cleaned concrete, decks and brick work on homes. We did construction clean-up, restoration clean-up and general pressure washing spring cleaning for our many clients in many markets. Now then, the first thing you need to do is get a hold of a decent pressure washer, one which has a long wand and a 25 and 45 degree tip.

First thing you need to do is to rinse off the brick and get down past the basic crud to what you really need to be concentrating on; for this use the 45 degree tip and keep the nozzle a good 8-12 inches from the surface; start at the top and work down. Now you can better see what you are dealing with. So, apply some soapy water, with a little Clorox but not too much, and apply it with a semi-hard bristle brush lightly from top to bottom.

Next, take your 25 degree tip keeping it one-foot from the surface, starting from the bottom to the top carefully moving the wand back and forth. Once completed, see where you are at and repeat this process, soon the brick will be clean without digging holes or ruining it.

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